Monday, December 17, 2012

Terri Rochenski's new book and an Easy Appetizer!

When I first saw Ms. Jump’s blog I was thrilled. She posts about two of my passions – books and cooking. And then she offered to let me guest post … well. Beyond thrilled to say the least!

Rather than blather on about writing or my process I decided to share one thought and a little about my newest release.

As a stay-at-home mom I often get bogged down in the details of life – kids, cleaning, laundry, cooking (even thought I love it!). I’ve found it’s easy for a woman’s identity to fade, oftentimes disappear altogether into the new one of mommy, wife, and housekeeper.

Writing has always been a passion of mine – my hobby – it’s the one thing I cling to that is all mine. M.I.N.E. It’s my escape, and I nab a few minutes wherever and whenever my children allow.

Because let’s face it … they do come first.

And one of the things I enjoy doing for them, the most besides hugs and kisses of course is cooking yummy food. Seeing as how the holiday season is upon us, I decided to share my favorite go-to party recipe.


Dried Beef Cheese Ball

3  4oz. packages of dried beef, broken up

3  8oz. softened cream cheese

1 small onion, chopped

2 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce

1 Tbs. Accent Season Salt

Mix all ingredence in a bowl. Shape into a ball, cover and refrigerate. (I like making it the night before to let all the flavors mingle together.)

Easy peasy! Slap some on a cracker and yums with a capital Y.


Now on to my newest release.

My short story, Beginning of Forever, is in Still MomentsPublishing’s Christmas Magic Anthology which released on December 4th. It’s a collection of my historical romance and three other contemporary stories. For now it is only available as an ebook.
Here's an excerpt from Terri's new book!

Beginning of Forever by Terri Rochenski

When Wayne Edwards moves to town, Lillian Davis experiences stirrings she thought were long dead. Guilt ridden over betraying her deceased husband and the feelings Wayne inspires, Lillian reluctantly lets him in. Secrets of the past – an old promise emerges, but will it threaten their forever?


I rubbed my fussing son’s back and stumbled down the hall to grab the phone. “Hello?”
“Mrs. Douglas?”
A glance at the clock and my stomach clenched. Ronnie was an hour late for our Christmas Eve dinner. “Y-yes?”
“There’s been an accident.”
Through Steven’s heightened cries and the ringing in my ears I heard my husband’s name and Anna Jacques hospital.
This isn’t real. I need to wake up.
“Mrs. Douglas?”
I swayed and slumped to my knees on the linoleum floor, struggling to keep Steven in my grasp.
The floor is cold. I’m not dreaming.

A big thanks to Shirley for inviting me. I hope you’ll try the drool-inducing cheese ball AND my book!


Here's her blog and website, for more about Terri!

Thanks for visiting, Terri!



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