Running off the Calories

February 26, 2013

Spent the entire last week sick, with some kind of evil cold/bronchitis thing that wore me down, had me begging for Nyquil, and kept me from running. I had a good run last Sunday, another good run last Monday, then a full week went by before I ran again last night (Monday). Now my legs are hurting and saying, "What the heck? We were just getting used to sitting around, doing nothing!". LOL.

I was all nervous about missing my half marathon training, but finally decided to just forget that week's training plan and start anew with this week's. We're getting an ice and snow storm today and tomorrow, so I might end up on the dreadmill instead of outside :-( I was hoping to get a run in this morning before the storm, but the temps are dropping and the rain is already starting. Ugh.

I ordered the "Run Like a Mother" book series from Amazon and can't wait till they arrive! They're my Spring Break reading plan...assuming I can wait that long to read them ;-)


February 10, 2013

Yesterday was my first race for 2013--the Fanny Freezer 5k. It wasn't exactly freezing (about 33 degrees out) which was good. I still had trouble on the course. The whole time I was thinking WHAT AM I DOING? I HATE THIS. Then I got to the end and I was like, yeah, I love this...I got this...

LOL. If only I had thought that more, I might have had a better race time.  That's me, coming across the finish line, looking miserable ;-) The course was one I knew well (I run in that area often) but I haven't done hills all winter, because I've had a back injury and been stuck on the treadmill and these HURT. The good thing is I get to run this course in at least one, maybe two more, races later this year so I'll have a chance to beat my time. I had a respectable 9:04 time for the first mile and a half but a sad and sorry 10:34 for the second mile and a half (that was the time when I was moaning to myself about how miserable I was).

Still, I ran another 2 miles afterwards with my friend Emily, who is also training for the half marathon in May. I know I need to get the mileage and endurance up's just slow going. Ha. Literally sometimes!

I'm also committing to eating better. Or so I say. DH brought home Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookies today. And um, I ate 2/3s of the box. Eating better...tomorrow ;-)

What do you do to get yourself back on track after an injury?


Today's Snowy Road
 January 26, 2013

Today was a little chilly, and a bit windy (the picture is from the top of the last hill I had to run up at the very end of my run. Truly one of those how-bad-do-you-want-it moments, with the wind and cold hitting me and the snow wet and slippery). I ran with a half-marathon training group (lots of the regular folks from Run Club were there) and when I started out, I said I only wanted to go 3 miles. At the 1.5 mile mark, I felt good, and opted to go to the 2-mile mark before turning around (and thus staying with the group, who were all going 4). That last half mile or so on the way back was TOUGH, but sometimes, you just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

My back is still hurting, but I'm doing some physical therapy for it and icing it after my runs. That helps :-)


One of the roads I run on

December 19, 2012
Last night was Run Club, something I joined a few weeks ago and am soooo glad I did. There's something about running with other people (knowing they're all suffering as much as you are, LOL) that makes it more fun. The last couple run club runs have been super tough on me. I think it's because I've been pushing myself so hard on my solo runs, and also because I'm a baby who hates running in the cold and the dark (we run at the end of the day).

But I have made some fabulous friends and always look forward to the Run Club :-) If you're interested in running and want some encouragement and great, giving friends, I highly suggest joining a club like that. Mine was organized through the local running store, so start there.


December 18, 2012
Okay, so I haven't figured out how to add posts to a page in Blogger--like a specific page like this one. Those are the days when I'm feeling old, because I get all frustrated having to learn something new ;-)

I ran today, even though I was exhausted (a toss and turn night of sleep last night) and even though I would have much rather sat on the sofa. I went four miles, and in the end, was so glad that I got those miles in. By the end of this year, I will have run 500 miles since I started in February. To me, a non-athlete my entire life, that is an astounding number.
500. Miles.
I look at it and I can't believe it. I see my miles add up, and I can't believe it. Every run I go on brings me closer to that goal. When I started running, it was to lose weight. Then I started working on speed so I could compete in races. Then somewhere along the way, I stopped caring about speed or distance or pounds. I run because it makes me feel...centered. Grounded. I run because at the end of the run, I feel like I can do anything, and that translates into everything I do. I run because it fulfills me and gives me something that's all me--my own power, my own feet, my own strength--and that is fulfilling.
Yes, it was harder than HECK to start running. I started walking. Then added a quarter mile jog, walk a mile. Jog a quarter, walk another mile. Then those jogs stretched to a half mile, a full mile, and up to three miles. I hovered at three for a long time, then one day just went further. The furthest I have run at one time (without stopping, LOL), is 10 miles. And that tells me that someday I should be able to do a half marathon. Just thinking about that is astounding to me, a goal I never even dreamed I'd have.
Stay tuned...More to come on my running journey :-)

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