Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Starting New...Or Trying to Take My Mind off Pie

I started a new book today. I thought it might take my mind off that lone piece of leftover pie in the fridge.

I was wrong.

Guess what the title of the new book is? THE BACHELOR COMMITTED PASTRY.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you all laughing over here :-). I was trying so hard to be good, to control my urges. After all, I'd seen that one family on Dr. Phil that lost some insane amount of weight during the holidays (who loses weight during the holidays?) and was thinking I might do the same.

Okay, plus I just did something that was going to contribute to my writer butt. In a big way. I made a deal with DH...if I sold my treadmill, I could buy...

A recliner.

LOL, yes, I got rid of the treadmill in my office, the one thing that was helping me stay thin (well, when I actually used it and considering it had been a year since I'd stepped a foot on it, it wasn't really working) and bought a microfiber suede caramel colored recliner to sit in that corner instead.

Guess what? I use the recliner every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. ;-)

I'll try to get a picture uploaded later today, if I get my writing done. If not, I'll do it later in the week.

So, I was working on THE BACHELOR COMMITTED PASTRY, looking at my recliner, seeing the caramel color, and that got me thinking...there's a piece of pie in the fridge, just sitting there all lonely...

So I ate it. It's much happier in my tummy, trust me.

Sigh. I wonder if the people who bought my treadmill will let me come over and work off some seller's remorse.


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  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Hey Shirley! I had to laugh reading this with the weight loss during the holidays. Why? Because I just read this morning that weight gain MIGHT BE GOOD FOR US!! Yes! An excuse to eat that pie in that recliner! It is for the greater good!!

    Here's the link if you think I'm kidding: http://newsinfo.iu.edu/tips/page/normal/1735.html

    Looking forward to your next release!


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