Saturday, January 22, 2005

Gotta Love Snow...Because It Makes Me Write! And a Bonus Tip!

Okay, it's snowing here. AGAIN. And it's supposed to keep on snowing for the rest of the day with wind chills dropping below zero. Yee-Haw. Just my kind of day...

To stay inside and write! I woke up this morning, saw that it was a day that meant I wasn't going anywhere (in fact, a book signing I had scheduled at the local Border's has been rescheduled for next Saturday) and was actually thrilled because it means I'll be at my computer all day. After a week-long migraine (ugh), I'm overjoyed to be back at work.

Thanks for the messages about me being back at the blog! I have been missing it, mainly because I've been staying away from the computer. And the next book, due out in three weeks, is KISSED BY CAT. Excerpts are up at my website and waiting to be read ;-)

A neat thing I learned the other day from the book WORD PAINTING. Draw a map of your character's environment and as you label the different places, mark off a memory the character associates with each of those places (for example, in the garage, the memory of her father smoking his pipe as he built a bird house or in the attic, the memory of putting away her mother's things after the funeral). These memory triggers will give your setting depth that it might not have otherwise.

I thought it was a great idea and one I can't wait to try on what I'm working on now and anything I do in the future.

Ah...choo! I have a cold today too. But I'm going to take some cold medicine, grab some hot tea and get at it! The book is waiting for me :-)

Have a great, warm day!



  1. It's snowing everywhere but here. The bad thing about getting snowed in, is that the kids get cabin fever and drive me nuts when we are. Therefore, it does me no writing good! LOL Looking forward to kissing cat!

  2. I'm not sure that I agree with that sentiment. Truthfully snow is a scourage from G_D. I find that being forced indoors has the reverse effect on my writing. I find that without the few breif outings I make in the day my work tends to grind to a halt. This may also be becuase I don't write fiction (but rather stacks of non-fiction - government policy crap), and I live in Canada.

    By the way I really like your Blog. ...

  3. Hi Bill,

    Hey, I hate snow as much as anyone, believe me :-) I figured I either took a positive view of it or moved to FL and since it's cheaper to change my attitude...that's where I went :-)

    But yes, I remember when I did a lot more non-fiction work and it is hard to stay on task. Not as much fun writing in that kind of thing! :-)



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