Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Little heartbreaker...

My cat died today. And when she did, she broke my heart. That little white kitten (I've posted about Bella before, and have her picture up on my blog) had weaseled her way into my heart from the first day. I love animals, but have never fallen in love with one the way I did Bella.

She was only 10 months old when we lost her early this morning to an auto-immune disorder. I really had hope for her when we brought her home from the vet yesterday, because she seemed much better after he gave her a shot and an IV of liquids. But it was a temporary reprieve for her exhausted body.

She used to climb all over my desk, and liked to sleep on my printers. It drove me nuts, because she'd inevitably hit the test button a hundred times during the day, sending lots of sheets through the print head. She liked to chase my cursor on the monitor, batting at it as if she could catch it.

She had to be the sweetest, best-tempered cat I ever met (well, she was after we got her spayed ;-) before that, she was a bit wild!). She was a cuddler, and with her soft white fur, she was like a little mink pillow.

My daughter is devastated and we're all just kind of walking around like zombies, wishing we could have our Bella back.

We barely got to enjoy you, our Bella-Ella, and now our hearts have an empty place.



  1. Awww...So sorry to hear about your kitty. I was devastated when I had to put my Pepper down last fall. I still miss her today.
    Take care,

  2. We lost a puppy a little over a year ago and were devastated. It is so hard. It took me a year before I was ready for a new dog. I hope that after some time has passed, you and your daughter fall in love all over again with a new furry friend.

  3. {{{Shirly}}} and {{{DD}}} So sad. Bella sounds like a wonderful kitty. :-(

  4. *hug* Losing a pet is so hard. And since I don't know what else to say, I'm just going to give you a virtual hug again. *hug*


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