Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day Treats...

Well, my husband certainly knows the way to my heart (maybe he's picked up a thing or two from all those romances laying around the house :-) because he got me exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day...

Meet Maggie, the latest edition to our family. DH took me to a pet store on Thursday night to get a new kitten but they only had one wild boy kitten. So, Friday night we tried again and Miss Maggie was at the very last store we stopped at. A mere 1 1/4 pounds, she is the most curious thing I've ever met and has already held her own against the two dogs :-)

She's on my desk as I write this, exploring and keeping me company.

My second Mother's Day gift was flowers. That's my annual thing -- give me my MP3 player and a bunch of annuals and I'm a happy camper, just sitting outside and planting. This year, as always, it's impatiens in pink and white. Plus I picked up some herbs and veggies for the backyard garden (even found catnip this year -- can't wait to dry some of that!).

In case you're curious, I planted carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, basil, parsley (my parsley from last year returned too! so now I have two kinds), oregano, onions, strawberries and grapes (the last three were DH's picks). I have a couple raised beds and only bought one or two of each plant, so there was plenty of room. Tomorrow, I add flowers to the back. And I've got to get some new birdfeeders, too. Make it a regular garden back there :-)

Anyway, this is the kind of "day-to-day" blog post that I wasn't sure I was ever going to put into this. I figured my readers really didn't care what was in my garden, LOL. But if you want a mix of day-to-day and writing advice, let me know.

Oh, and I had a signing in Merrillville, Indiana this past weekend. My first customer was a guy who came up and asked me if I'd read this Betty Friedan book. I told him I hadn't and he seemed surprised, saying, "Well, you're in your mid forties, aren't you?"

Gee, thanks. Had I left my makeup off that day? LOL. I'm nowhere near mid-40s but must have had bad lighting that day ;-) At least in the end I sold lots of books (none to him since I apparently disappointed him by not being a part of the 60s--I tried to tell him I wasn't even born until the end of that decade, but he seemed to think I should have been more up on the feminist movement while I was breaking in my Pampers ;-).

Anyway, back to work!



  1. Your new kitty is adorable! and I'm sorry but I had to chuckle about the man at the end and your breaking in the Pampers comment, too funny!

  2. Your little kitty is so cute. Makes me want another one, but we have three cats (plus the two dogs, three fish and water snail). My hubby says no more pets until the number of pets drops a bit.

    I loved the description of your garden...I think a mix of both personal and writing related stuff would be great. Helps people get to know the writer behind the writing, too.

    And about that man...he probably needed glasses or something because you do not look like you're in your 40's. Loved the diapers comment.

  3. Oh my. That was nice of him, I hope you gave him what-for! The kitty is VERY cute, makes me WANT ONE. And for what it's worth, I like hearing about the garden, too.


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