Friday, June 10, 2005

Reading, Writing and Three Months Off from Arithmetic

Well, I can finally come up for air again! I've been writing like a fiend, trying to get a few proposals done while planning the next book in my recipes-with-romance series. And yes, those Danishes were RESEARCH. I swear. ;-)

I just finished Wendy Warren's MAKING BABIES, a Silhouette Special Edition from October 2004 and had to say I LOVED it. Great heroine, with a great attitude. The first page hooked me and kept me there for the entire book. There is one heck of a VERY funny line about "chorizo" that had me laughing for days.

Chorizo, as a side note, is one of my favorite kinds of sausage. I live in the Midwest, where anything beyond meat and potatoes is usually hard to find, so I hadn't had it in a long time. When we went down to Mexico, though, I rediscovered it and hunted some down at my local grocery store.

So, like I said, I'm writing. Or I should be. My kids are out of school now and interrupt me every ten minutes for something like, "Mom! He's kissing the cat too much!"

Clearly, a major disaster. I have told them all to leave me alone when I am working unless they have lost a limb in the backyard, but to no avail.

Even my bathroom breaks are getting risky to take. Got up from the computer for five minutes yesterday while my new Virus and Firewall software was installing. Come back to find the kids have popped the CD out, put in their own, and my computer is having a huge hissy fit. Took three hours before I got everything back in order (apparently interrupting an install to update your software has big time consequences).

I told them I would help them lose a limb if they came near the money machine again without permission

Okay, so I wasn't that nice. LOL

The one thing I do like about summer break is the sleeping in. Not me--I'm still up at five--but them. Peace and quiet for many hours every morning.

That's what summer break is about--giving Mom more quiet time.



  1. Tammie1:29 PM

    The "He's kissing the cat too much" sure made me laugh.

    My three kids are out as well and I'm in the middle of waiting to see if a blurb I sent gets picked for an online editor pitch. In the mean time I'm trying to polish up synopsis and think of something intelligent to say if chosen.

    All while a little one has to share every thought in her lovely head and two older boys compete for online time with me.

    Aahhhh summer.

  2. LOL... I can't wait until my kid is in school! I have a bit of a dream to stay home and write. Happy summer break to you!

  3. In the summer I wish school would start and then during school, I wish summer would get here. Grass is always greener.... LOL

  4. Ah summer...bees, ants at a picnic, water parks..fresh fruits and veggies from the Farmer's Market...

    I love summer but I think the fall is my favorite time of the year.

    So sorry to read about the problem with the braces. Hopefully, the time will go by fast for you.


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