Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reading Books...Writing Words

I'm doing pretty good, averaging 2000 words a day writing and still reading at night. I've been reading Harlequin's new line of novels called Next and ABSOLUTELY love them. I've read Sandwiched by Jennifer Archer (funny, funny, funny), Lucky by Jennifer Greene (wonderful story about how we view our lives) and Riggs Park by Ellen Bache.

Riggs Park is so well done, I hated to see it end. Excellent, excellent book. Next novels are in bookstores, in both tall paperback and regular paperback formats (the tall is an advantage because it offers a bigger print size for the same price...nice for tired eyes!).

And I'm writing! Today I should reach the 1/3 point of the book, if all goes well. My Alphasmart has become an extra appendage. I'm literally taking it everywhere.

That said, I'm off for more coffee (yeah for flavored creams!) and some writing today! My get to 28,600 words. And to write three recipes without getting so hungry I end up with my face in the refrigerator


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  1. No Fair! Now I have to go buy those books!

    I buy 95% of my books based on writer recommendations. If I like a writer I go to their blog or seek out their interviews and find out what books they like. My bank account hates me for it.

    But it's research. Right. Research.


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