Thursday, September 01, 2005

Contribute to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster

My thoughts and prayers are with all those people so horribly affected in Hurricane Katrina. I have been through a Category 1 hurricane and thought that was awful, plus one tornado -- and the damage from both of those things was so minimal, yet seemed so big at the time. With each, the town where I lived took months to clean up the debris, find housing for people, etc.

Katrina is so, so much worse and these people are truly suffering. Emergency services are stretched beyond their capacity, the need for everything from clothing to homes is gigantic...we all need to pitch in to help this area recovery. It's a vital part of our economy, yes, but more importantly, it is home to millions of people.

So please, check out the list of Charities on Instapundit or one of the nearly 700 bloggers participating in this charity effort. The Truth Laid Bear is also tracking contributions, so they can see how much this blog community effort can raise in a day. If you like, log your contribution here.

And for those of you with loved ones in the area, please know you are in my heart and prayers.


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