Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter Woes

It's ZERO here today. Ugh. And there are people who actually think it's cute to wear red felt reindeer antlers to the mall. Whole groups of women, bopping around the JC Penney looking like a craft project gone horribly awry.

Despite the cold weather, I went to the mall yesterday. TWICE. I do love to shop and a little sub-zero weather (okay, so it's not sub, but it's close enough) isn't going to stop me. Found a gourmet cooking store and had to just STOP and STARE when I walked in the door.


Well, heaven with the reality tossed in that right now I have no time to cook and my kids have eaten delivery pizza more often than they've had breakfast this week. I do the Bill Cosby rationale for the pizza -- it has all four food groups in it, doesn't it? A little carbs (okay, a lot), some dairy (okay, a lot), lots of veggies (okay, very few) and pepperoni is, I think, part of the meat family. Though it's one of those things that I don't ask about how it's made, I just eat it. Sort of like those massive Hickory Farms sausages. Do I really want to know what all they put in it?

On the subject of sausage (ramble, ramble, Shirley ), I have to say that one of my favorite things for breakfast is Chorizo with scrambled eggs and a bit of cheese (look, Ma, three food groups in one dish!). I had it in Mexico last year and totally loved it.

So there you go. A weather report, a mommy complaint and a recipe all in one blog entry.

Oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot! My new book comes out today!!!! THE DATING GAME, in stores near you :-)


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  1. Well, I looked yesterday, then went back today, to buy your latest book, but it's still not on the shelf here. Hopefully it will be in another day or two! :)


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