Saturday, January 07, 2006

Loaded Fries and Self-Pity...

Call me a sinner. I ordered the loaded fries at Rally's last night and ate them all. That's what happens when you skip lunch and put off dinner until you're on the road at 7 o'clock, dropping the oldest off at a birthday party.

Today's a new day, begun with fat-free half-and-half in my coffee. I hate FF half-and-half. If I go to all the work of making a cup of coffee (I grind fresh beans), I want it to be a REAL cup of coffee. They need to make a half-and-half fat half-and-half. I'd be first in line...a compromise for the devil and the angel in me ;-)

The worst part is I had these awesome turkey burgers already made in the fridge, which I could have had for dinner, if I'd just waited till I got home.

Ah well, they're there today, along with a serving or two of Mamma's soup.

I watched "Kingdom of Heaven" last night on the big TV (DH bought me a huge Plasma screen for Christmas...I suspect it's more for him ;-) but have to admit to loving it too). On the DVD, they have an option of taking "The Pilgrim's Path," I think it was called. There, they do like a Pop-Up video with historical facts and all kinds of things. It was really cool (if a tad annoying because of the continual misuse of it's and a few other misspelled words...not to mention some preposition ending sentences that were jarring). I love knowing the reality behind a story like that. For instance, I heard Randall Wallace talk and it was so COOL to hear the backstory behind "Braveheart," based on his own family history.

So, if you're a fact junkie like me, check out that part of the DVD. Very cool.



  1. SO what's the other half of fat free half and half? Scary! Whenever I diet I use the real thing as a good for you treat. Like real butter instead of that scary stuff.

    Like fat free sour cream. Nasty. They took the cream and left the sour!

  2. I see the other half as real half-and-half, so I get half-fat ;-)

    I like the real thing too. The only decent FF sour cream I've ever found is Breakstone's. The rest are pretty horrible. And don't even get me started on FF cheese :-)


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