Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Blog A Day...

I read on Booksquare that for a blog to be highly effective, you should be blogging every day, insert some personality into the blog, have some fun and stay focused. Oh, and have a unique point-of-view.

I think I have broken every one of those rules. LOL.

I do have the unique point-of-view, in a way. I think about food. I write about food. I have issues with food, as in, I eat too much of it and then I feel guilty and then I need to work it all off (particularly before my conference in Atlanta this summer). I am sitting here, after waking up at 3:30 this morning (ugh) and thinking, geez, when is it time for breakfast? LOL

When I should really be thinking about the book that's due in a few days, the same one I hoped to turn in early so I can get to the next one. The end of a book always makes me anxious to start the next one, as if I'm going to lose something by sending the current one out. And, by the time I finish one, I am D-O-N-E with it. Have read those words a thousand times, no longer find any of the jokes funny, think the plot has to be the thinnest thing next to a blade of grass, and just want to start another, so I can continue this glutton-for-punishment thing.

Hey, sounds suspiciously like my method of dieting ;-)

I meet so many writers and want-to-be writers and one of the biggest questions they ask is how they can find that confidence they need to believe they can really finish and submit a book. How they can past that inevitable fear of rejection.

I tell them they can't. That fear is part of the creative soul, IMO, and you can either let it destroy you or let it push you forward. Meaning, when I get frantic and think my career is a breath away from being over (okay, I think that almost daily, LOL), I will turn that into action -- making the current book better, increasing my knowledge about writing, being better at marketing (hence, the blog a day post...see it all is related, I swear). IMO, you can either fret or you can act. Or you can fret while you act. The point is to move forward.

Because if you don't, you'll end up stuck in the mud. And that's not good for your career or your shoes ;-)

Have a great and spring-y day :-)


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