Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The End of Summer Approacheth...

Summer is almost over, which means my kids go back to school in a week and my life gets back to a normal schedule.


This was probably my best summer ever with the kids. We had tons and tons of fun, with lots of little field trips and road trips. Yesterday we went to the Indiana State Fair (a total blast. If you live near Indianapolis, try it some year. We had a great time, as always).

But, the good part about the end of summer is the return to a schedule. Like most people, I function better when I don't have endless hours ahead of me, with nothing to fill them. I like having a true schedule, so that I can figure out my writing hours, etc. On the other hand, I miss having the kids around, particularly as they get older and I realize how quickly that clock is ticking.

Today, we are going to the pool. I'll bring my Alphasmart and my pages to edit, but I'll be sure I spend a good hunk of the day with the kids, dunking them :-) And then I'll pray the rest of the week is sunny and hot, so we can repeat as necessary :-)

After all, summer is nearly over!


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