Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blonde Woman Walking...

For a lot of reasons (fifty of them, to be exact :-), I've decided to exercise more. I'm older (ugh) and that means I can't lose weight just by cutting out lunch for a few days. Trust me, I tried. All I did was end up driving through McDonald's and ordering several numbers at once.

If you watched the later edition of the Today show this week, you might have caught the "Lose Weight on a Fast Food Diet" segment. Sadly, it wasn't about how to eat the fries and burgers to lose weight plan. I really like the fries. I mean, REALLY like the fries. They are my FAVORITE thing at McDonald's. I'll steal fries from my kids. From other people's kids. From perfect strangers.

The nutritionist said the fries are the absolutely worst thing you can eat at a fast food place. Sigh. There goes all my fun. I was, however, LOL, honest-to-goodness eating a McDonald's salad while I was watching this segment.

Wanna know why I was eating the salad?

Because when I ordered it the day before I changed my mind by the time I got to the window and added a double cheeseburger and large fries to my order. Ate the burger and fries, stowed the salad for the next day. Hey, a girl has to have her priorities! :-)

I also got inspired by that size zero Natalie on the Today show, the one who is running a marathon. Now, I am in no shape to run anything close to a marathon (26 miles! Who does that? Actually a woman in my church is doing one. That explains why she's skinny and I'm...not anymore :-), but I would like to at least make it around my neighborhood without passing out. It's real embarrassing when that happens. The neighbor's dog finds it amusing, though, and enjoys having a new target.

So, to stick to my new goal, I buy a fancy-dancy pedometer. I'm all motivated to do that 10,000 steps a day thing. Keep track of my every little movement, log it on my calendar, etc.

Then I lose the pedometer in the toilet.

Go ahead. I can hear you laughing :-)

So I buy a new one. Program it all up, strap it on and start walking. This time, I decide to count distance instead of steps, just to vary it a little. I figure it might motivate me more. I look at the end of the day and am patting myself on the back, all proud of my amazing progress. HUGE numbers on there. BIG distance.

Then I realize I have had the darn thing in kilometers all day.

I'm a blonde. What can I say? :-)


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  1. I'm going to pretend I didn't read that thing about the fries. I love them with extra salt and lots of vinegar... and ketchup.


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