Monday, November 27, 2006

Some People Need to Cut Back on the Eggnog...

I spent yesterday afternoon grumbling and groaning through putting up the outdoor lights (but loving it in the end. DH thinks I'm nuts but I LOVE hanging the Christmas lights. And the garland on the porch. And the bows on the porch lights. And every little fake poinsettia...). I wasn't even going to put up the outdoor lights because I'm on deadline (two books back-to-back, both due before the end of the year) and really don't have time...but the weather here has been amazing (in the fifties and sixties for days in a row) and my neighbors had theirs up and...

Well, it just doesn't feel like Christmas if I don't put up my lights. Bad enough I'm not putting up the full enchilada of decorations (I'm doing a modified version) because that's like a two-day job. My youngest helped me, made sure the twinkling snowflake over the porch was straight, and climbed in the magnolia tree to hang lights (what a trooper ;-).

So NOW, it's Christmas around here. And I'm happy :-)

Then you start to see what kind of decorations OTHER people do.

But in other places...there are BIONIC DEER. Now, I think I come up with some pretty creative and funny things from time to time in my books but they absolutely pale in comparison compared to this. I couldn't have imagined this if I tried. And you know, I'm not so sure I'd want to.

It's got a certain Eww factor that kind of detracts from the Christmas season. And takes the Christmas decorating fervor to a whole new level ;-)

Cookie recipe to come later today, I hope! I have to get some writing done first :-)


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