Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year and of course...Resolutions

It's a new year, and of course, that means, like the rest of the world, I made a lot of resolutions last night, most of them made after consuming way too many glasses of wine. Very good wine, might I add, homemade by someone whose dad runs a winery. Umm...very, very good wine ;-) (Oh, did I already say that?). Almost made me want to start a winery. I'm thinking it might even pay better than the book business and I already know it has better perks, LOL.

On to my resolutions, which I better darn well keep this year because I'm really aware that 40 is just around the corner and those first few are going to get harder to keep the older I get:

1. Take off those last 40 pounds once and for all. A year or so ago, I only had 10 pounds to go, then my mom got sick and through her illness and death, I gained back 30 pounds of all the weight I had worked so hard to lose after kid #2 (bedrest for 6 months of that pregnancy helped me pack on plenty of pounds...well, okay, that and mac-and-cheese ;-). I know, all those folks looking at the picture on my website are saying, hey, I don't see those pounds. That's because that's the after pic. Not the current pic, LOL. So, expect my recipes here to veer toward the healthy course for a while.

2. Get myself to the gym on a regular basis. I was doing great on the running, then the holidays came and my sneakers collected so much dust, even the dust bunnies couldn't find them anymore. DH and I went to the gym on Saturday, with plans to go on Sunday and Monday, only to find out the gym is closed for the holiday. There went our brand-new good intentions :-)

3. Work more regular hours. In order to do well at #1 and especially #2, I have to work more regular hours, and anyone who sees the timestamp on my e-mails or even my blogs, knows that regular hours and my book schedule don't...ah...go together real well ;-) But I have good intentions!

4. Herein lies the conflict...Up the output. I'd like to add a couple more single titles a year to my current schedule, because I have so many more that are burning inside, dying to get written, and that means finding a way to fit them in. Hmm...gotta find a way to keep regular hours, get to the gym, write more big books. [a note to my readers -- there are plenty of Shirley Jump releases next year, BTW -- at least 7 books out: a single title in February (PRETTY BAD), then romances in May (THE LEGACY), a linked duet in May (BACK TO MR. AND MRS.) and June (MARRIED BY MORNING) , two Christmas books (not titled yet), another single title in December (MISS INVISIBLE) and maybe another Next (COMMON GROUNDS), too].

5. Perfect the cloning process! Ah-ha! There's the solution. If I can create a clone who is skinny and can cook healthy and can write fast, I'll solve the entire problem! :-)

Seriously, I'll just be happy to complete #1 and #2, before my 40th birthday (which is now only a year and a half away). Plenty of time. The rest will work itself out, or it won't. Considering I have the two kids, two dogs and two cats, (and the husband :-) a regular schedule is always a joke around here ;-)

Hope your new year is a wonderful one!



  1. Shirley, I have only one kid and I know the whole losing weight problem. I need to lose about 25 problems and with my hubby now working overtime it is going to get more difficult. I hope to read one of your books as I have yet to do so but that is what a new year is for right? I hope you can get it all figured out. :)

  2. Wow! Lots of books coming - I better get reading to catch up!

  3. Lover of books,

    Hey, you have 365 days and plenty of books to choose from :-) so I hope you find one you like! :-) And best wishes on your goals, too!


  4. Gina,

    LOL -- Not as fast as I need to move writing ;-)


  5. Anonymous12:19 PM

    So glad to have you back!!!! I have been dying to read your next blog! I have been a good girl and posting regularly, so visit my blog when you get a chance. At least you made resolutions, I am so bad at keeping them I don't even bother to make them. We should be our own support group...I need to lose that 40 and then some...I am promising myself some lunch break walks to get me started. Happy Happy New's to lots of productivity!

  6. Best of luck on those resolutions...
    Can't wait for the new books!

    And I did post about you in my blog during December.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Hey Sock Girl, how cool is that!!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed TOW! I had a blast writing that (and just turned in my second women's fic to Harlequin -- COMMON GROUNDS, not sure when it's coming out yet). What is a meme for my blog idiot mind?

    And THANK You for the very kind words!!!!!!!!


  8. I'm kind of new to the meme thing, but a relatively loose definition would be an idea spread from blog to blog. Frequently they are a series of questions or thoughts (eg., 5 things I love/hate/ate/wore/did on summer vacation... that kind of thing) and frequently other blogs are "tagged" to participate (though that is not a requirement). Memes are used frequently by many bloggers when there is a compelling need to post and not much blogable happening. That said, some can make you reflect and can be kind of fun to do.

    So what is Common Grounds about?

  9. Andie,

    I left a big ol' comment earlier but Blogger ate it :-( (must not be on the same diet as me, LOL).

    I definitely like the idea of diet buddies! I'm thinking if I post my progress here (says the woman who just had SEVEN Reese's PB cups -- mini's, but still, and EIGHT mini chocolate balls AND a bagel AFTER dinner) that maybe I'll feel more guilty :-) and not cheat.

    My excuse? I have a book due tomorrow, and another one due 1-20 and am totally stressing :-)

    And PMSing :-)

    I need to go blog surfing after I turn this book in!


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