Thursday, January 11, 2007

Writing and Waistlines

Writing a book isn't necessarily good for my waistline. I sit here at my desk, thinking of all the wonderful things in the fridge. The leftover Christmas chocolate stored in the basket over the fridge (the one place my determined German Short-Haired Pointer can't reach). And I crave.

Granted, when I'm typing, I can't be eating, too. So one would think that if I just kept on typing, I'd quit thinking about food. Ha. Doesn't always work that way. Though I sure wish it would!

Hey, can you blame me? I write food-focused books. And when I'm not writing those ones, I'm usually including a recipe or two in a book. This morning, I'll be writing the Dear Reader letter for this year's Christmas book (KEEPING CHRISTMAS is the working title) and included in that will be...a recipe. One of my ooey-gooey Christmas recipes. Which means thinking about something sinful. Definitely not part of the WW plan.

No great recipe for last night's dinner, BTW. Migraine is still hanging on, so DH cooked dinner and well, let's just say he's no Betty Crocker, though he tries, bless his heart :-). Gotta give him props for getting something in a pan and then putting it on a plate.

Have a great day!


Listening to: "Day and Night" by Steve Tyrell
Reading: "Big City, Bad Blood" by Sean Chercover


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Got this book on preorder...can't wait. I love any supper I don't have to cook...and especially if I don't have to clean!!!

  2. Great blog, Shirley! Can't wait to read PRETTY BAD. All the best from a fellow author...


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