Friday, February 02, 2007

Girls' Night Out

Tonight, I get a night out sans kids and DH. Euchre night at a friend's house. Now, if you're not from the Midwest, you probably have no idea what euchre is. It's a game pretty much endemic to this part of the country, and if you live here, well, you better know how to play ;-) I was taught to play this four-person game by two drunk friends on New Year's Eve. Not the best way to learn, but I picked it up all right and now another wife and I regularly beat our husbands whenever we get together. To hear the husbands tell it, they beat us...but we women are keeping count and they've beat us oh, maybe once ;-)

It also means I don't really have to cook, because I'll be eating there, but I'll probably make something everyone else likes and I don't. A win-win all around. Last night, I made Chicken Tetrazzini, which smelled good, but I haven't tasted it yet because I had eaten some soup earlier and wasn't hungry when dinner was ready. So, I'll probably have some for lunch and if it gets a thumbs-up, I'll post the recipe.

My brother e-mailed me to say Pretty Bad is already out in stores in Massachusetts, which means I better get on the stick and start promoting. :-). So, if you're looking for it, try your local bookstore (I think he saw it in Border's). It's already shipping from but not Amazon (what is up with that?).
I'm back at work, revising a couple of books that come out in December. Nothing too major for revisions, which is good. Then I get to go back to work on new things, as well as a book that comes out in 2008 (I think...even I forget when the books are released, LOL). I just got Spanish and Australian copies of Rescued by Mr. Right -- very cool, and they kept the original cover, just lightened the background, so it looks really nice and spring-ish.
And, it's Friday. Always a good thing ;-)


  1. I saw it in Bookland (a Books a Million offspring) last Sunday in North Alabama. I am waiting on mine from Amazon! I updated my blog so if you get a chance to look, do so. How's the closet cleaning?

  2. Well, of course I found something way better to do with my time than closets ;-) I started revising. Had a page proof and another revision land on my desk on the same day so...sorry, honey too busy to do those closets ;-)

    Will check out your blog! Cool beans about the Bookland!!!


  3. Congrats on the Bookland!!!


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