Friday, February 16, 2007

Notice Anything New? ;-)

You might notice a few new things here at the blog. Like a new look. A couple of new little stars on the side. I updated the layout of my Blogger (for those who use Blogger, you can go into the Layout settings and update it. If you have trouble, delete the Temporary files in IE first). And the stars...

Well, that's because two of my books are up for awards!

Sugar and Spice for Single Title Reviewers Choice and Rescued By Mr. Right for Silhouette Romance Reviewers Choice!

Not a bad way to start my weekend!



  1. Pattie11:27 AM


  2. Yay Shirley! Congrats on the nominations! I hope you win! I checked the events, and I think I'm gonna have to take a road trip to get to any of your signings!

  3. Terrific! Be sure to celebrate (in a politically incorrect and truly fun way)!


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