Monday, April 16, 2007

Blaring the Music...

I've got the Rent soundtrack blasting in my office while I'm working on a revision and totally loving the music. I haven't seen the Broadway version of Rent (just the movie and I cried through the whole ending), but it's on my Top 100 list of things I want to do. My daughter loves Broadway shows (we've seen "Wicked" ...totally awesome, if you ever get a chance to see it and a few others that have come to our city, too) and wants me to hit the lottery so she and I can fly to NYC and see Rent.

I'd love to do it :-) Someday...

I haven't been cooking much lately, though DH has been making dinner lately. And not doing too shabby, I have to say. Green beans cooked with bacon and pork chops grilled with Mesquite grill seasoning. Maybe I should hand over the stove more often ;-)
So, tell me, what's your favorite soundtrack? Or if you're a Broadway fan, what's your favorite? I have to say, Wicked is my favorite Broadway show so far (I've seen 42nd Street, Cinderella, Annie, Joseph, and a few others, but loved, loved, loved Wicked). Very clever story, great performance by the cast (we saw a lot of the original Toronto and a couple of the original NY performers in Chicago).

And do you work to music? I have to have some kind of noise while I work. Too used to having kids around, I guess :-)



  1. I tend to get distracted if I'm listening to music with lyrics while I'm writing (unless I'm really in the zone). My favourite music to write to is an orchestral movie score -- I have loads of them! They're great for stirring up emotion.

    Jess x

  2. I love listening to either Singing in teh Rain or THe King and I. My all time favorite musical is Pajama Game but the Doris Day version. :)


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