Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hoping I Don't End up on Animals Gone Wild ;-)

When I go to the RWA conference in Dallas next month, I will be ending that week of fun in TX with a REALLY COOL bang--

Dolphin training!

One of my readers works at the aquarium in Corpus Christi, so I'll be going down there on the last day I'm in TX to work with the dolphins. I am so excited, I'm bopping, which is very embarrassing to my children.

Let me explain. Bopping is when moms bounce their heads along to the radio. I don't just bounce my head. I sing. Out loud. In front of other people. I can't sing. Can't carry a tune if you put it in my hands and tape it down. And the bopping...well, let's just say that's not a very pretty sight, either. So my children are appropriately humiliated and constantly admonish me NOT to bop.

Since my entire mission in life, and my reason for being a mom, is to embarrass them, I continue to bop.

(Hold on...just saw some cool shoes on a commercial. Gotta pause to watch...darn. Lens Crafters commercial, not a commercial FOR the shoes, which means I can't find out where to buy them. What is wrong with Lens Crafters? Tell me where to get those shoes!).

Anyway, I will be putting a dolphin trainer in a book for sure, unless the dolphins go bezerk and attack me and I end up in an Animals Gone Wild video on FX or something. Since the chances of that are probably one in a gazillion, look for a dolphin trainer book in 2009 or 2010 ;-). [First I have to come up with the idea, propose it, and sell it, so it takes a bit to get that ball rolling].

And, I bought a VERY COOL NEW digital camera, which arrives tomorrow, to go with me to the dolphin tank. The new Olympus Stylus 770 SW, which can go UNDERWATER and take pictures. Is that not the coolest thing since e-mail? (I got the blue one). If you go to the Amazon page for the camera (which was the cheapest price, BY FAR for it, BTW), you can see some sample images that other people (click on customer images) took while they were SNORKELING and SCUBA DIVING.

Okay, yes, I am just a tad pumped. Very cool.

I live in the Midwest, so there's no snorkeling here, LOL, so I won't get to try it out underwater for a while (and I don't have a pool) but I only have to wait a month for the Dolphin training (actually not exactly a month...29 days) so I'll post pics soon!

Shirley, who may be talking in squeaks only by the end of July!
Reading: The Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill (excellent book)

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