Thursday, October 25, 2007

All Decked Out for Halloween

It's a lot easier to deck out my Bebo page than my website for Halloween (wish my website was this easy! I'm sure there are easier ways to do my website but I'm not QUITE that web-savvy!). My house is all decked out for Halloween -- the first time ever this year. My kids are older so they talked me into a fake graveyard out front, complete with bones coming out of one of the graves, and lighted pumpkins (permanent ones, so we have them next year), a fog machine for inside the house, a wraith for in the window, cobwebs everywhere (real and fake, LOL).

Anyway, it's been great fun. Now to find a place to STORE all this stuff!
And in the meantime, I'm counting down the days until MIRACLE ON CHRISTMAS EVE is released. It may be in your store in the next couple days (some distributors load the new Harlequin Romances early) so look for it soon!!!


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