Monday, November 26, 2007

Decorating and Gorgonzola Cranberry Walnut Salad

Normally, I do all my Christmas decorations on the day after Thanksgiving but that Black Friday 4 a.m. thing (an hour earlier than normal) wiped me out. We were busy Saturday, so I had to wait until Sunday. Sheer agony for a Christmas freak like me, trust me!

But we got the decorations up, and my house was transformed from blah to holiday. One new addition to the decorations this year is my mother's manger set. When I visited my dad last year, he gave me her set, and we shipped it back home. She made this back in 1976, and we had it up at my parents' house every year after that, until she got sick. Everything made it okay, except the stable buildings, which shattered. I spent a huge amount of time puzzling them back into place with Super-Glue, and managed to get them all back together. My husband said it looked so wonderful, we should leave it up all year.

Now, I'm starting the planning ahead for Christmas dinners and dishes. All those ooey gooey calorie stuffed meals that I usually deny myself all year. :-) But tonight, I think I'll have salad again--a preparation for the cookies, and the candy cane bread, and the banana bread for breakfast (hmm...I do have bananas in the freezer, ready to go!).

Gorgonzola Cranberry Walnut Salad

1 bag Dole Lettuce Mix (any one you like, I prefer the 5 lettuce mix)
1/4 cup gorgonzola cheese (or blue, if you can't find gorgonzola), crumbled
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup Craisins
Kraft Rasberry Vinaigrette dressing (the Lite version works great)

Just assemble the salad and drizzle with dressing. It's as easy as that. This was awesome, though if you want to save some for the next day, don't put the dressing on, because it doesn't store well if it's soaking in dressing. My husband had one like this at Pizzeria Uno, and then they closed the one near us (sob-sob) so I had to improvise :-).

Now, where ARE those chocolate chips? And the sugar? I've got caloric room for cookies!



  1. LOL! Exactly how I think, Shirley. If I walked and had salad, I can have twice the chocolate.

    Not sure it's really helping with weight, but it definitely motivates me to exercise and heat healthier. :)


  2. Please tell me you are going to share the candy cane bread recipe, because I have never heard of it!


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