Friday, November 09, 2007

The Joys and Frustrations of Photoshop...

I have a new toy. Or maybe, it's more appropriate to say the new toy has me, LOL. DH gave me a copy of Photoshop so I could start doing some of my own graphic design work. I haven't been all bad -- I did an ad for myself and Holly Jacobs (see it right there; FYI, if you double-click on it, you can see it nice and large, instead of the tiny version here) and the rotating gif of my covers that's on my homepage.

Then I started on web banners. THOSE are frustrating. The thing with web banners is that the layers all have to be exactly the same size. And I just can't get them perfect (unless there's some other way to make them that I don't know about). One of them is at the bottom of the blog. That's the big one, then I did a vertical one -- that one is on my excerpt page here.

Okay, so THOSE layers aren't exact either, but I'm trying. Really :-) If any of you know Photoshop and know what I'm doing wrong, put me out of my misery and LMK, please :-)
I do have to say that I learned pretty fast thanks to this guy's video tutorial (that taught me how to do the ad). I just kept watching and watching.

And the animated Gifs, I learned from this website. That plus a Dummies book and some pretty good graphic design understanding from using other programs in the past. Not that I am ANY sort of expert, not even close, not even a millimeter close, but enough that I could muddle through these four things anyhoo.

But the banner ads...ah, they are still a PITA. I'm getting there. Gives me something to do in all that spare time ;-)



  1. Ok...I admit...Photoshop has me whipped! I have been trying to finish up assignments for an online digital scrapbooking class (that I didn't finish because studying came first) and I am pretty much lost. You have alot up on me!

  2. LOL! Not that far ahead, I'm afraid :-)

    A digital scrapbooking class sounds really cool tho!



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