Friday, June 13, 2008

The Anatomy of an Idea...and Raspberry Mojito Lemonade

If you ever wondered exactly HOW the Wedding Planners idea came about and how six authors managed to brainstorm and make a story work, here's the details of our collaboration! It was so much fun and such an energetic experience! I'd do it again in a heartbeat :-)

The other day, I talked about posting my Raspberry Mojito Lemonade recipe. When I was at Red Robin, I had something similar, and it was SO SO SO GOOD, I wanted to make the same thing at home. They offer it in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version (and I've made it at home both ways). It's great either way:

Raspberry Mojito Lemonade

3 raspberries
1 sprig mint
1 slice lime
1 jigger Rose's grenadine (at Red Robin they call it Raspberry Syrup...try finding that in a store. I finally figured out what it was. Duh)
8 ounces Minute Maid Lemonade (the low-cal version works well too; you can get this in the soda aisle)
1 jigger Vodka or Rum, whichever you use for your Mojitos (optional)

Put raspberries and mint in 12-ounce glass. Mush raspberries with spoon, with mint (don't break the mint, just press it enough to release the fragrance and flavor). Break up the raspberries all the way so they'll be little enough to drink. Squeeze lime juice into glass, and leave the lime slice in glass. Add all liquid and stir. Done...drink!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it sounds divine! I'm glad I found your blog...I've really enjoyed your books and we even corresponded a bit awhile back about writing. I've bookmarked you! :) (not a stalker...really! LOL)


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