Monday, July 21, 2008

Sophie's First Haircut

I took Sophie to get her first haircut this weekend. I know there are plenty of Havenese owners out there who remain true to the breed and keep the hair long, but I’ll tell you, brushing that dog was becoming a part-time job ;-). And with three dogs, a cat, two kids, and a book due before I leave to go speak at the Midwest Writers Workshop, I was looking to make life a little easier on me and the grooming a little less frustrating for poor Sophie. Havanese have a double coat, and they have a tendency to mat if you don’t brush them frequently. Sophie doesn’t mind being brushed, but she sure does mind being dematted ;-) and after we came back from vacation, she had a lot of mats that needed to be removed, so there’s been a lot of grooming for that poor puppy in the last week or so.

Anyway, I decided I’d try her with a short haircut and see how she looked. At first, when I picked her up, I was shocked to see her. She was so DIFFERENT. But then after a little bit, I got used to it and thought she was just adorable :-).

I think I’ll keep her this way until the weather gets cold again, because she’s MUCH happier without all that fur in her face. She’s been running all around here, rolling in the grass, rolling on the carpet, just trying out the new fur. Having a real dog-gone-good time!


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