Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Colorado Gold is Really Gold

I just got back from the Colorado Gold conference and had the BEST time. If you're looking for a conference filled with warm and wonderful people, and tons of fabulous information, this is the conference to choose. Not to mention, the scenery in Denver isn't too shabby ;-)

I loved it there and made some GREAT friends. Mario Acevedo (who writes hilarious vampire novels), Jeanne Stein (who writes the cool Anna Strong novels), Margie Lawson (speaker on the amazing EDITS system and already a friend, a better one now), Robin Owens (great futuristic romance author), among tons of others.

PJ Parrish spoke at the conference, and I bought several of their books [look for book giveaways in the coming weeks, Readers, because I was a firm believer in the support your local writer concept when I was in CO] and already started reading and REALLY enjoying the first one. I need more time, that's for sure!!

I wish I'd had more time to buy books, because there were so many talented authors there! Seriously, this was a great conference -- if you are anywhere near it next year, you really need to go.

Anyway, now that I'm back home, I'll be back to cooking ;-) And spread the word...I'll be giving away books in the coming weeks!



  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you. Your keynote speech at lunch the last day sent me away motivated and refreshed. Can't ssk for more. The informal chats were fun, too. That's another part of the RMFW conference charm.

    Best Jeanne Stein

  2. I agree! Some of the best fun is just sitting around at breakfast or in the bar or the hospitality suite, just chatting and making new friends!



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