Saturday, November 08, 2008

Apple Crisp Pizza

This is one I've been promising my friends ever since I made it for a party last weekend. The picture here is from the Taste of Home website (my photo didn't come out half that good ;-).
I had to go to a party and had to bring a dish, but didn't have anything handy (I know, me, not having anything handy in my kitchen?) but anyway, on the Taste of Home site, you can type in the advanced search box the ingredients you have and what you want (dinner, appetizer, dessert) and it'll spit back a bunch of recipes. This one came back when I popped in what I had.
I found one beef with the recipe, though. The apples part calls for WAY too many apples. I used a variety of sized apples -- one large, two small and one medium (I had two Honeycrisps and two Golden Delicious) and I had twice as much apple mix as I needed. So I ended up making two of these and freezing one for another thing I had to go to the next week. I just defrosted it, then rewarmed it at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Also, if you want to take this off the pizza pan and put it on a serving dish, be sure to BAKE IT ON PARCHMENT PAPER. The apples make the crust too heavy to move easily, and it crumbles, so getting it from pizza pan to serving dish is difficult. With parchment paper, you slide the paper off the baking sheet or pizza pan (apple crisp pizza on top), then onto the serving plate, and slide out the parchment, like a magician pulling a tablecloth off a loaded table.
Another tip -- when you put on the caramel topping (I used Marzetti's Caramel dip), warm it a bit first and use a fork, not a spoon. A spoon lays it in globs, no matter how much you try to be careful, but a fork lets you spread it thinner.
A yummy, easy treat!

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