Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Thanksgiving Plan

Tomorrow's the big day. For a home cook, it's that make-or-break show, KWIM? You can truly screw up Thanksgiving, or you can do it and do it well. No pressure ;-)

This year's plan is a little healthy cooking, a little traditional. The Today Show scared the pants off me when that toothpick thin nutritionist chick said the average Thanksgiving Day dinner has 4000 calories in it (IMHO, that woman is way too thin and could use more than one helping of T-Day dinner, but hey, that's just the opinion of someone who has to convince her jeans that they'll fit her thighs today).

So, here's the plan for the big bird day. We have about 14 or so people coming:

A 21-pound turkey. I like leftovers. Sue me.
Mashed Potatoes (the ones I keep warm in the Crock-Pot)
Healthy Green Beans--I just got the Food Network magazine and they had a recipe for healthy green beans. None of that soup stuff in there. I figure I save 3999 calories with these ;-)
Sausage and Cranberry stuffing
Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Potato Gratin--if I have time. This is one of those don't-have-to-have-it sides
Glazed Carrots
Gravy--Homemade; none of that canned stuff here
This Poinsettia Punch I came across on Fine

The guests are bringing dessert, so that's off my plate this year. For appetizers, I have cheese and crackers. Hey, enough cooking there already. We got new great room furniture delivered today, and I am brining the turkey for the first time ever. I sure hope that works out well because if you screw up the turkey...

Well, you've pretty much ruined everything.

All the reports I read about brining say it rocks, though, so I have high hopes :-)


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  1. We had a 23-pound bird for 11 people--three of whom are kids under 12--and we STILL wished we had more leftovers!

    Doesn't brining rock? Please tell me it worked wonders for you. Because I'm never going back, I'll tell you that.


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