Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life Changes...in Sage Green or Ligonier Tan?

If you want a big life change, buy a big house. :-) At least, that's what I'm finding, now that DH and I have bought a new house that's triple the size of our current one (which was too small for too many years, believe me, with three dogs, a cat, two kids, DH and me). It's been fun, and stressful, all at the same time. Something as simple as a coffee table can create a four-hour uh...we'll call it a debate ;-).

We had to pick out a lot of new furniture for the new house. We've been married nearly 20 years, but we still have a lot of Early Marriage style furniture. You know the type--the stuff your well-meaning family members give you because you're newlyweds and you're poor. Or the pieces you picked up at garage sales and Goodwill, because well, you're newlyweds and you're poor ;-).
Over the years, we've bought some new pieces, but never had full sets that all matched throughout. For the first time ever, we'll have a dining room set (now that I have a house with a large enough dining room!) and a bedroom set that doesn't have mismatched living room end tables for night stands ;-)
Then there were the appliances. The previous owners took most of theirs with them, so we had to buy several new appliances. I thought I measured right...
Until we walked into the house after closing and DH politely (cough, cough) informed me that I had no business using a tape measure. That inspired another week of hand-wringing while I tried to find a fridge and microwave that would fit the current spaces. DH came to the rescue and offered to rout out the cabinets, reminding me all over again why I married him. ;-)
But the most anxiety producing aspect of this whole process (more daunting than the thought of packing, while I have a book due...don't even get me started on THAT), is PAINT. I've been through so many colors, my walls are starting to look like some deranged clown came through the great room. The shades look great at night, then too bright during the day. Or I love this shade, DH hates it.
We've solved the problem, though. We've hired a mediator.
A decorator is coming out at 11.
So, if you're wondering why I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, it's because I'm trying to pick paint colors, pack boxes, write a book, clean two houses...and breathe ;-)


  1. Shirley, your new house is beautiful and will be the setting for so many wonderful new memories. Enjoy the chaos -- I know you eat deadline pressures like candy. :-)

  2. Thanks so much!! I sure hope so! It seems like too much to do and no time to do any of it. One thing is for sure, I'm falling asleep pretty easy every day!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    WOW! Good luck with that. I am sitting here looking at a paint chip sample that has been by my computer desk for weeks. I know you have better luck than ME. Too many colors.... That is a gorgeous house. And I am sure you will do just fine with a little guidance. Can't wait to see the results.

  4. Andie,

    Hope you get the paint color chosen soon! We had to choose SO many at one time, it was truly anxiety producing! We did one for the dining room, one for the great room, one for the hall bath, another for the kitchen and office, and then had to decide on the master and master bath (did the same color in the end as the great room). Then the kids had to choose their room and bathroom colors.

    The house was LOADED with wallpaper. And not even wallpaper I liked ;-) plus the wallpaper in my kids' rooms was like pediatrician kind, and my kids are way too old for that, so it all had to go--hence the need for all the painting. We just have the laundry room left, which we'll do ourselves sometime down the road.


  5. Reminds me of painting our house! My dd picked her room/bathroom colors herself. The dining room was a no-brainer--Victorian red. Gorgeous. Almost everything else we did in a very neutral taupe color that went with a surprising array of other colors. Still, it was anxiety producing! Turned out great though...

  6. Anonymous7:41 AM

    While I've never produced something even as remotely exciting while under this kind of pressure. I can attest sheer will is gonna get you thru.

    Sixteen years ago, we did move into our dream house amidst a blizzard (lucky for us, the moving company is our business),with a two year old and a breast-fed three month year old in tow, and a labrador who thought she needed to go outside with each and every mover! We did survive the experience.

    Still remember the first week at night. We kept walking around saying to each other, I can't believe we 'own' it. We had been the winners of a bidding war with two other sets of prospective buyers.

    While not huge, it is one of the prettiest houses in the neighborhood.

    Then I got the bright idea since Christmas was so close (2wks away) we'd should throw the Family Party and a Open House in one.

    But I was 32 and not the present 48! Now I'd have been committed for trying to pull such a stunt.

    Only time I questioned my idea. When I was midway thru unpacking the kitchen boxes. There were 36 of them.

    I wondered why my husband hadn't fled for Mexico, packing up that room.

    I know your inner resolve is steel and you will work till all the jobs are done. We know you've worked yourself thru more stressful times. Comparatively, this will be a piece of cake.

    You will look back and think we are so lucky and it was worth it, once the heavy lifting is done. Sixteen years later, I still appreciate every inch of this home.

    I know you'll feel the same way.

    Enjoy! Jan P from Chicago

  7. I hear you, Peg! The anxiety in choosing the colors was off the charts. I think it was because we had to choose so many at once -- master bedroom, master bath, office, great room, hallway, dining room, kitchen, kids rooms and their bathrooms, hall bath. And we wanted it all to flow and go together well, because the house has an open floor plan.

    My dining room is also going to be red (we bought all new furniture for several rooms, too, and it's a dark wood that should stand out well with the red). It's called Salute and it's a deep red with a hint of brown tones to it. I love red -- I have one red wall in my kitchen now, with the whole rest of the house being boring neutral.


  8. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Jan!!!

    And I know exactly how you feel--we say the same thing every time we're over at the house. I think it'll take a while before it feels like ours, KWIM?

    Sounds like you have a great house -- and a lot of resolve yourself! LOL at the party in two weeks. I can see myself doing something that insane. If I even think it, talk me down ;-)



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