Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars

I'm on this dessert kick lately. Maybe it's the weather (that photo is from a few days ago, when it started to snow again, after all those nice warm days we's like spring is teasing me!). Or maybe it's the new kitchen, with all that great equipment and room. Or maybe I'm just a sugar addict ;-)

Either way, I made these Peanut Butter and Jelly bars (also an Ina Garten recipe...can you tell I've been reading her cookbooks this week?) and LOVED them. DH loved them, kids loved them. We had them for dessert, we had them for breakfast. It was like the Green Eggs and Ham book. We loved them in a boat, in a moat, in a box, with a fox ;-)

I used Blackberry Jam (seedless) for this. I can't remember why; I think it was just the jam that the kids chose. And no, we didn't use Skippy peanut butter. We used good old Kroger brand. And it was yummy all the same. And no one got salmonella ;-)

Again, my picture doesn't do them justice. I need a food stylist for my recipes, LOL. But suffice to say that your kids will LOVE these. Mine sure did, and so did their friends, and so did our adult friends...everyone who tried these loved them. I mean, my husband was saying to people who stopped by "You have to try this dessert my wife made."

(As for those carrot cake cupcakes from a few days ago? DH pronounced those "phenomenal" so I guess I'll be making them again ;-).



  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Mmmm...sounds yummy. I think I'll make these with my kids this weekend.

  2. Hope they enjoy them!



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