Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Favorite Cooking Books and Magazines

I just received the last 2007 and 2008 Cook's Illustrated Annuals, and that got me to thinking about my favorite cooking books and magazines.

I LOVE Bon Appetit, though I am thinking of dropping that subscription in favor of a new magazine (considering I just bought the HUGE Bon Appetit cookbook). I did sign up for Food and Wine with DS's magazine drive this year, but haven't received an issue yet.

My absolutely favorite cookbooks are the Ina Garten ones. I only have Barefoot Contessa at Home, but I go and drool over the others in the bookstore. I like the way they seem so folksy and advice-filled, and the recipes...awesome. I need a bigger cookbook budget, that's for sure!

I also get Rachael Ray's magazine and while I like that, my bigger favorite is the Food Network magazine. That one has photos of every recipe at the beginning of the issue --great for deciding what you want to cook.

And finally, Cook's Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen. A friend (thanks, Marci!) told me about these magazines and I can NOT BELIEVE I went this long without reading them and watching the show. They are super-informative and give great reviews of products and equipment. They're now my go-to guide for anything basic.

I just stumbled across another website tonight, too, that featured Martha Stewart's Mac and Cheese recipe. It's definitely a food lovers website, so be sure to check it out :-)



  1. Heather W.12:29 PM

    I get the free Kraft Food & Family magazine, plus Taste of Home, and Rachel Ray's. Just got a subscription to Simple & Delicious as well. More recipes than I can keep up with!

    Speaking of, I'm making a 7 layer salad on Sunday (LOVE 7 layer salad) ... but wondered if anyone has a new take on the 7 layers? I thought maybe I'd try to live on the edge ...

  2. I love that Kraft Food and Family magazine! They had ssaid they were going to discontinue it but then I got another copy...I was so happy!

    I do a 7-Layer Salad with Cauliflower. Got the recipe from a friend and it's one of those I turn to over and over again:


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