Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Try Lying Quiz Today!

I'm sick (and there's nothing I hate more than being sick when the weather is wonderful, not to mention a holiday weekend). And not been cooking much lately because I'm working on LOTS of projects at once. But I wanted to pass on a VERY cool post today over at the Publishers Weekly blog today with the very informative, totally awesome Margie Lawson:

Want to learn how to decode body language? How to sort truth and lies?

Take Margie Lawson's TRY LYING Quiz on PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY Blog on TUESDAY, MAY 26th.

Post a comment and you may win a LECTURE PACKET from one of Margie Lawson's six courses.

The TRY LYING Quiz will be on Barbara Vey's BEYOND HER BOOK blog: www.publisherweekly.com/BeyondHerBook The link (above) is to the Publisher's Weekly page. The blogs are listed in the center of the page.Click on the BEYOND HER BOOK blog.

Don't miss the TRY LYING QUIZ on Tuesday!

Zip on over there--it'll be a blast!


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