Monday, June 29, 2009

I traveled 16 hours for this?

The family and I drove sixteen hours on Saturday (up at 4 a.m., got here at 8 p.m.) to come to Massachusetts for the holiday weekend to visit my dad, stepmom and brothers. When we left Indiana, it was eighty degrees. Sunny weather predicted, a beautiful week.
Here, it's been 62 and rainy.

I'm near the BEACH. And it's yucky. We were hoping to go to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, all the nice, BEACH stuff and it's MISERABLE weather. It's like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it's summer out here in Massachusetts.

Yesterday, I put on a sundress (my 11yo took the picture) in hopes that it would coax the sun out of its hiding place. Didn't work. I had to cave and change to jeans by 1 that afternoon.

Sigh. I want SUN. I want to put on my new swimsuit that I worked SO HARD to fit. The weatherman promises better weather later in the week, but if you've read Really Something, you know I often wonder where weather people get their information ;-). [I did interview a real and very knowledgeable and very accurate weather person for the book, BTW, so it's no reflection on her capabilities, but some of them...that's where the Crazy Eight ball reference came from. DD and I were joking one day about how on earth they predicted a day of sun and nice temps and we got six inches of snow. And I said they must be using a Crazy Eight ball].
Anyway, my hopes are still high. We're planning something indoors today JIC, and holding out hope for the beach as the week goes on. I've got lots of shorts and flip-flops and only one pair of jeans with me.
Optimist all the way, even though I was raised in New England, LOL, and should know better ;-)
Reading: Michael Connelly's THE BLACK ICE (just finished THE BLACK ECHO and loved it)


  1. I can't believe it's colder where you are than in Wales, Shirley! We are having a real heatwave at the moment. See here:

    Of course, we're not usually very good at coping with those sorts of temperatures as we're simply not used to them.

    I'm enjoying the weather though, makes a nice change from rain.

    BTW, I love the pic your son took. :)

  2. Thanks, Lynette!

    Wow, can't believe the temps there!! I love warm weather but super hot...not so much. I'm more of a spring and fall kind of gal myself. Though without all the endless rain, LOL.

    Okay, I guess I'm picky about my weather ;-)



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