Thursday, March 04, 2010

Online Chat this Sunday and AROUND THE BEND news

Lots of exciting news for this month! First, my second women’s fiction novel, AROUND THE BEND, is in bookstores now. It comes with the bonus re-release of THE OTHER WIFE, my first women’s fiction novel. Two books in one! Find this great new release in the Fiction section of the bookstore or in a store near you.

Here’s a little more about this fun, heartwarming story, from the back of the book:
Thelma and Louise they're not.
First of all, Hilary and Rosemary Delaney are not friends—worse, they're mother and daughter. Hilary's a wayward thirty-something running from a marriage proposal, and Rosemary's her disapproving mother, a retired lawyer who can't drive and won't fly.
So they're driving together across country.
In a cherry-red Mustang.
With a potbellied pig named Reginald, and a life-size cutout of Rosemary's late husband.
Should be a fun trip.
As the miles tick by, Hilary ponders why the word "marriage" has her so terrified and finds she's got a lot to learn—about her mother, love and life in general. Together, Hilary and Rosemary will discover what's around the bend…if they don't drive each other crazy, or drive off a cliff first.
NOTE: Join me for an online chat about AROUND THE BEND, this Sunday night, March 7th, at 8pm EST at There’ll be prizes and fun for all!
Look for AROUND THE BEND in a bookstore near you, or find the Kindle edition on!


  1. Terrific news, Shirley! So far, I've struck out at my local Borders. But there's still a big indie and BN to visit.

  2. Thanks, Melanie! Sorry the local store didn't have it. It's not technically out until this week, but I've seen it everywhere I've gone. Early lay-down, I think.


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