Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Julie's Lemony Pancakes

My friend Julie Sellers and I are in a cooking challenge--one new recipe a week between here and Christmas. I was doing really good with the new recipe thing, then DH started traveling a lot and I lost my motivation to try new recipes (the kids are always off doing their own thing, so I'd be cooking for me).

But Julie's been cooking--yummy, has she been cooking! She made these Luscious Lemony Pancakes and as soon as I saw the recipe this morning, I had to have them. They are AMAZING. It's a nice little fresh twist on pancakes, and makes them seem even more decadent than normal. I LOVED them. I literally just finished my plate of them and would go back in the kitchen for more, except then the kids wouldn't have any breakfast.

Well, they ARE still sleeping. They'd never know I made (and ate!) these! ;-)


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