Sunday, August 01, 2010

Chocolate Shoes!

My friend Molly Swoboda gave me this AMAZING chocolate shoe (well, she gave me two, but I only took a picture of this one so I could EAT it! LOL). Anyway, these come from Peterbrooke Chocolatier, which I think is now my favorite place ;-)

Seriously, what could be yummier than chocolate SHOES? Clearly, Molly knows me (and my obsession with shoes!) WAY too well!

The shoe was delicious, BTW :-)


  1. They were simply lickable, weren't they! It was hard for me not to cheat. Jami Wray and her team at Peterbrooke make an entire *line* of yummy shoes -- all sizes!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful breakfast -- and have managed to get photos up on the justwriteit group site!

    Congratulations on all successful RWA Conference moments. Was delightful we were finally able to meet and I so look forward to the next time :D ~m

  2. Thanks, Molly! I had a fabulous time, too!!! :-)


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