Friday, August 20, 2010

A few more pics...

I recently spoke at the Midwest Writers Workshop (which is a fabulous event, if you're ever in the Indiana area in the summer). MWW is a small conference, but that's part of the beauty of it--you get to rub elbows with the speakers and other attendees, it's very low key and filled with fun, and it works hard to meet the needs of a wide variety of writers.

My speech was on "Secrets of Successful Writers," and though I look kinda goofy in one of the pics, LOL, I think the speech went well and everyone took something from it.
In the goofy pic, ignore my half-open mouth, LOL, but check out the shoes--platform peep toes in red. They're Jessica Simpson brand, which is my FAVORITE right now. Comfy and sexy and very high. My favorite combination for shoes ;-)

The last pic is of me and Marcus Sakey (whose books are amazing!). He's a blast in real life--really funny and interesting. I HIGHLY recommend THE BLADE ITSELF. Hands-down, one of the best suspense novels I've ever read. I also got to meet and chat with the also very funny and super nice John Gilstrap, whose book, HOSTAGE ZERO, is next in my TBR pile. I already peeked at the first couple pages and can't wait to read the rest!


  1. This sounds so delicious. Thanks for posting. I love Thai food.


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