Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vegetarian "Chicken" and Dumplings...w/o the Chicken ;-)

My daughter has become a vegetarian, which has made for alittle bit of a challenge in cooking. For a lot of my recipes for her, I've been using the Cooking Light Vegetarian cookbook. (Except for tonight's recipe, which came from Rachael Ray's magazine...more on that recipe in a minute).

I love the Cooking Light cookbook because it not only has the "what is it" info (like what is tempeh) but also step-by-step directions that go straight back to the basics of cooking. It shows you how to prepare tofu, what to do with lentils, even slicing tomatoes (perfect for my child, who needed help making a three-ingredient panini, LOL). When she goes off to college, I'm packing this for her...and hoping she cooks from this instead opening a can of raviolis ;-)

Anyway, before the vegetarian days, her favorite soup was Chicken and Dumpling. I couldn't do that, so when I saw a vegetarian version in Rachael Ray Magazine, I had to try it.

I followed the recipe to a T...except I mixed in a mixture of parsley and this new freeze-dried dill (have you tried these? They're nearly as good as fresh, better than dried) into the dumplings. I also made double the amount of dumplings because I knew my family would love them.

Verdict--EVERYONE in the family loved it and no one noticed the chicken wasn't there. My daughter had the biggest bowl of soup I've ever seen her eat, LOL.



  1. I'd get her a subscription to Vegetarian Times. I got it when I was a vegetarian and it was so helpful. The world of food is always changing so it was nice to have something that walked me through it. Tell her that eating out of a can is not good when your a veg. (some of the canned "meats" were so awful that I didn't eat anything out of a can for a long time.)

  2. Thanks, Sara! I'll do that. I was looking for it in Barnes and Noble the other day but didn't see it. I agree on the eating out of a can thing!


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