Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hoisin Chicken--and Writing Chat tomorrow!

Tonight's dinner was a HUGE hit with DH. I love Food Network Magazine and absolutely LOVE their cookbook. It's filled with the past year's recipes from the magazine, and 99% of them are super easy and really good. This one was no exception. I served it with my own fried rice, and also made the cucumber salad in the recipe.

A couple tips: be sure your grill is really well oiled (I found out the hard way :-) and reserve some of the marinade for basting. The cucumber salad is perfect--not too tart, not too sweet--and I highly recommend it.

Here's the recipe. I read in the reviews that some people tried it on pork, something that's on my to do list for sure :-)

I served it with my own tried-and-true fried rice recipe. If you chop all your ingredients beforehand, Chinese food isn't so tough to make :-)

Also, tomorrow, I'm doing a writing chat on Twitter--ask me anything you want to know about writing. My twitter name is @shirleyjump and the chat hash tag is #ARWchat. Chat starts at 11:30 am EST, which I've been told is 4:30 pm UK time. All chatters will be entered to win an Amazon gift card and a copy of one of my books!


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