Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Melted Snowman Cookies

This year for Thanksgiving we are going to a family member's house for dessert, and I figured everyone will bring pie, so why not make something different? I had seen these cookies on the Crazy Domestic blog and was dying to try them.

I bought Royal Icing mix at the cake decorating store. It was WAY cheaper than buying meringue powder to make my own (Royal Icing mix was $2, the meringue powder was nearly $8) and bought four tubes of frosting to decorate (black, orange, green and red).

I'm not much of a baker, at not at all a decorater, but I did have fun making these. My son did the hair (and then we all had a laugh at how everyone kinda looked like Ron Weasley). :-)

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'll be brining my turkey soon :-)


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