Sunday, February 27, 2005

Fancy Tools Not Needed

A commenter on my blog wrote and reminded me of a great thing about writing. Although the folks at Dell and Gateway would love you to think otherwise, you really don't need fancy tools to write.

I wrote and completed my first children's book this last week when I no longer had a computer. Amazingly, I did this in the mists of three children and one husband all screaming my name.

Kudos, Maria! That can be a difficult task (esp. the screaming ;-). Writing without a computer can be a great thing. To me, it uses a slightly different part of your brain because handwriting forces you to slow down a bit more, I think. Whenever I get stuck on a book, I get out of my office and handwrite instead of computer write. I find it opens up new paths I hadn't expected.

All last week, I went to a fabulous coffeeshop here in town (that has a to-die-for Low-Carb iced mocha. I think I'm in love ;-) and wrote there instead of at home. I was amazed to see that I had banged out TEN THOUSAND words in a matter of a couple days. I'd sit there for an hour and a half or so, write while I sipped (I did this on my QuickPad instead of by hand, since my deadline is only three weeks away; no time to spare on transcribing for me!) and the words just flowed. Could have been the caffeine, LOL, or could have just been the new setting and non-fancy tools.

I love when that happens! And now, the draft of the book is done and I'm on to the editing. Monday, I'm taking my pages to the coffeeshop to read and's been good luck so far!

Finally, I'd like to send a thank you, too, to Maria.
I devoured Kissed by Cat in one sitting and LOVED it! Not to mention, I've been reading the part about the waitress to anyone who would listen! I thought she was so funny! Can't wait for your next one

KISSED BY CAT is one of my close-to-my-heart books, along with the characters in there. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it! You made my day! :-)


PS: Look for my next post on tomorrow! I'll try to remember to post the link.

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