Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Being Nobody Can Be Cool...

I went to my son's first grade class today, to eat lunch with him and help the kids ready a surprise birthday party for their teacher. Before I went there, though, I had been at Border's, where I was recognized by someone and had two different people stop me in the store to sign their copies of The Devil Served Tortellini. It was a heady feeling, especially since it was the first time it had happened. I left the store, feeling like Big-Time Important Author (hey, small things for small minds ;-).

Then I arrived at my son's school and you would have sworn I changed my looks, died my hair and became a whole new person, LOL. Not one kid cared who I was or what I did for a living. To every first grader in the room, I was my son's mom--that's how they refer to me, too, as So-and-So's Mom (in the interests of privacy for my kids, I'll leave his name out...gotta try not to embarrass the innocent yet ;-).

But it was also very cool. Ironically, cooler than the bookstore thing. My little boy looked up at me, so proud that his mom had come to class (though he didn't want me to kiss him goodbye in front of his friends--he draws the line at PDAs (public displays of affection) since he has his six-year-old image to protect).

Yet, kisses or not, for that hour or so I was his and I was there--and he took pride in that fact.

The book thing comes and goes. But my kids will always be a part of me, and to have this moment when my son saw nothing but his mom in his classroom, was very cool.

Today, I was on his bestseller list. And that's all that matters :-)


PS: Check out my Romancing the Blog entry for this week: Dangling Novel Carrots and see how I've been motivating myself to write lately!


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    That was such a sweet story! I remember going to Kindergarten with Paul and him proudly telling everyone, "This is my mommy!" and then I remember taking him to sixth grade... big difference. I barely got in the front door and he gave me a quick hug and said, "You can go now, mom!"

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    That was "Cindy," I can't remember my password!

  3. I just wanted to say that I devoured Kissed by Cat in a matter of three hours. I simply could not put it down. It was a fun, fast, enjoyable read and gave me some much needed ME TIME. Although that's the reason some things didn't get published on certain web sites when they should. (Not your's Shirley :-))

    I got the only copy of The Devil Served Tortellini in five sotres today. I was resigned to having to order it from B&N and wait another week to read it. I told the Walden's Books Store clerk I'd been to 5 other book stores and made him swear to order more copies. Told him a smart man would order everything she writes!

    Now I'm off to start reading The Devil before I hit the sheets.


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