Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Keeping the Demons at Bay...

And I'm not talking about bad kittens ;-) I meant the writing demons, the ones that like to spread worms of doubt and fear in your creative mind, trying to undo your best intentions (and I swear, they are directly related to the diet demons who made me eat those French fries yesterday. NOW I regret it, after I stepped on the scale. Too late... :-).

I suffer from the writing demons, as does every writer I know. They sense a vulnerability when I am stressed or overloaded with work and attack :-) This week has been especially hectic, and so will next week be, until I get some new proposals off my desk. So I'm trying really hard to avoid both the writing and the diet demons as I buckled down at my desk and try to ignore the gorgeous weather outside.

Actually, until late afternoon yesterday, I had plenty of that heat indoors, too. My A/C broke down but luckily DH's A/C guy was readily available and had it up and running before it got too late in the day.

I took Maggie to my kids' school yesterday for show and tell. The older ones loved her as much as the younger ones. It's funny the power a kitten can have over anyone -- from a kindergartener to the lunch ladies. Everyone was in love :-)

Oh, and I'm going to be on TV today in my city (stupid French fries, I'm going to really regret them when I put on my suit ). Since I have braces (another long, involved story that I haven't shared with you all yet), I'm just hoping I don't spit all over the host ;-)


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