Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bewitched by Nora Ephron

I wish I was Nora Ephron. The woman has a magic touch with every romantic comedy she writes, she really does. Last night, my daughter and I saw "Bewitched" while DH and son saw "Fantastic Four". I loved "Bewitched" and though going in I wasn't so sure that Will Ferrell, of "Night at the Roxbury" (which is hilarious, if not hilarious for being dumb) would be a good leading man, it worked out fine. Nicole Kidman really was perfect there. I have loved every single one of Nora Ephron's am I going to get her to read one of my books and turn it into a movie? ;-)

Speaking of books, I just finished reading Vicki Lewis Thompson's Gone with the Nerd. My agent had an advanced reading copy and thought I might like it -- she was right. I was already a fan of Vicki's (I've met her before and she is the NICEST person!!) and her books, and really enjoyed this one. The title was cute, the set-up was cute and the writing was HOT. Great romantic comedy with a sexy, sexy hero beneath those glasses ;-)

I'm currently working on THE BEAUTY MODELED CHEDDAR, the fifth in my romantic comedies with recipes books. I'm awaiting author copies of the third book, THE ANGEL CRAVED LOBSTER, which just got a nice four-star review from Romantic Times (and my other August release, THE MARINE'S KISS, was Top Pick with 4 1/2 stars! Received that issue on my birthday -- nice delivery from the mail lady!). BEAUTY is coming along well because I'm still in the beginning, so I'm still loving the book ;-) When I get to the middle, you'll hear me all whine and moan .

As for that pie, DH ended up taking me to Don Pablo's for dinner on my birthday (where I did, indeed, have my birthday margarita) so I didn't have my pie, but made it for today. Tonight, I'm making one of my favorite The-RWA-Conference-Is-Coming-up-and-I-Don't-Fit-My-Dress meals: Knife-and-Fork Chili Turkey Burgers These are from the Low Carb chef on Food Network but you can slap 'em between some buns if you want. They are AWESOME (and this is coming from someone who thinks ground turkey is something best served to my dogs). I do HIGHLY recommend cooking these in a non-stick pan, though, because they glue themselves to a regular pan

I'm hungry already and it's only 8:00 in the morning. Gee, maybe I can talk DH into making Eggs Benedict again today (we have a microwave recipe for Hollandaise sauce). :-)


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