Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Morning...and not enough time to write all the books

I wake up today, brimming with ideas. I spent the weekend with a migraine (though I did, in the window where the meds kicked in, manage to get to the mall and get a dress for my RWA conference, but I think it doesn't have enough "Wow" factor, so I might return it or get another "wow" one waiting in my closet altered) and thus, didn't get anywhere near enough writing done. I did manage to do the final polish on a proposal and get that e-mailed off to my editor, but that was about the extent of my working this weekend.

So this morning I'm all ready to get to work--on about thirty different books at once, LOL. All those ideas that I had while sitting in the movies, thumbing through magazines, looking at the newspaper...they're all rushing to my now-clear head and wanting me to write them.

Sigh. Too many ideas and not enough time to write them. I need a clone.

The good news is I finally booked my flight to Reno. DH is coming with me for the last couple days and then we're making a trip alone (no kids!) at the end, so we had to figure out all the logistics of kid watching and us meeting up in Reno, getting the dogs and cats taken care of--I tell you, Tommy Franks has nothing over two parents trying to stage a weekend getaway. We could plot the takeover of a small country if we wanted to.

For my personal purposes, it would be far better to take over a small East coast mall. Preferably one with a Macy's in it.

Did any of you catch the Peanuts comic on Sunday? That is definitely me at work. I went to work on a few pages this morning. Got halfway through page 3, and got up to get a cup of coffee. Started back in on page three, checked my e-mail. Thought I should do a blog post, started that. And here I am, blogging, not writing ;-)

So, with that, I think I shall, indeed, get to work. Hope it's sunny where you are and if you are in London, you are safe, and in the Florida area, that you were spared from Dennis.


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