Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One Responds and Avoiding Coffee Cake

I received a phone call (two actually because I wasn't home, so she left voice mails) from Scott's Foods about my letter. Very cool to see people reading my letter and responding. I was really glad she did and will now have to shop at the store this week to show my gratitude :-)

And, I was totally proud of myself for avoiding the coffee cake at Bible Study this morning. Stuck to my cardboard diet breakfast bar, and my resolutions.

As for writing, I have a book due on Friday. (EEK!) Another due on the 30th. And sometime this month, I do expect to breathe and maybe sleep

I was glad to hear Hope had some great customer service at Lowe's. Usually, I go into one of those big-box stores and try to spot the human ;-) There's never anyone around to help when you need it.

Off to have the last bit of Mamma's wedding soup. Then, tonight for dinner, I'm going to try to get inventive with chicken



  1. Way to go on resisiting the coffee cake Shirley. ANd getting some response back from Scott's. YAY!

  2. Way to go on resisiting the coffee cake, Shirley. And for getting a response from Scott's. YAY!

  3. Yay, on skipping the coffee cake! :) You inspired me so yesterday that I sat down and wrote Lowe's to let them know about my shopping experience. It felt good knowing that I was able to send a "nice" letter this time. ;) heehee

  4. Way to go for writing those letters! There is some equation I've heard companies use, like 1 letter = 5,000 customers, so it really DOES matter to these folks when we write. Of course, you have to get the attention of a real-living-breathing-human-being for this to work, unlike your computer-generated letter from Circuit City! And too bad you guys don't have a Bashas grocery chain, they are great!

  5. Woo hoo on skipping the cake. :) I know how hard it is, I'm trying a diet as well and it's so hard when you see everyone around you eating the good stuff. Okay guess it's time to break out my rice cakes, hey they only have 50 calories.


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