Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Super Size Me!

If you ever wanted an example of the war between what SHOULD be done and what IS done, you can laugh at me . On Monday night, DH and I watched the National Body Challenge kick-off show on the Discovery Channel. We were so inspired in the middle of the show, that we went off on a brisk walk with the dogs.

Thumbs-up, right?

Well, the next afternoon, I watched a bit of Super Size Me, that documentary where the guy ate 30 days of nothing but McDonald's. I see him gain mountains of weight, see his blood tests come back with scary results...and start craving McDonald's, LOL. Guess where my dinner came from? And no, I didn't get the salad .

One thumb all evens out in life, just not on the scale!

But today is a new day, and school is delayed by snow, forcing me to eat at home today, always a good idea.

As for how the five books in five months thing is going, I have the novella turned in (yeah!!!!!!!!!!) and am halfway done with the book due January 30th. I was more panicked yesterday than I am today. I was at my Barnes and Noble writing group last night, and while working for a few minutes before the group started, I had a breakthrough on character motivation. Phew. Big problem solved, all over a Venti half-caf ;-).



  1. Oops. Looks like Supersize Me backfired. Most people I know say that they will never again eat fast food after seeing that movie, and they urge me to watch it, too. Unfortunately, although I only eat fast food about once a month, when I do it's because I really need to. I'm already picky enough, and can't possibly remove another food option!

  2. After watching SuperSize Me I didn't want McDonald's. Something about watching him throwing it back up at times... Well, that and for years the kids hassled us to take them to MCD'S ALL THE TIME! And I really got tired of it.


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