Friday, June 23, 2006

The Most Popular Word in the World...

If you had to guess what the most popular word in the world is (and it's a noun, not an article...which for those grammar-phobes is a, an, the), what would you guess? I ran through a few possibilities in my mind before reading the article on CNN about this.

Who would have thunk it was Time?

But truly, if you look around at our world, and even if I look within my own world, are we not obsessed with time? Creating more of it, using the time we have better, and then, conversely, having time to do nothing but vegetate in front of the television. Typical behavior -- we want it all.

I looked at my son while he was sleeping this morning. He's eight and still at that age where he'll cuddle with me on the sofa. Where his hair still smells as sweet as it did when he was a baby (before he puked on me after every bottle). But he's growing up. Time is passing, taking it with it that little boy and replacing it with a much more independent, soon-to-be young man. On those days, I hate time. I wish it would slow down, pause, anything to let me enjoy a few more years of this child at this age.

Of course, when he's running wild and overtired and driving me nuts, I wish the opposite, LOL. But those moments are few and far between.

If you read my blog post the other day about the book I wrote when my mother died, you'll know and understand time has become a precious commodity to me. I'm not that old--though my daughter thinks I'm older than God--but it still seems as if the days pass too quickly. And yet, I still find myself wasting some of each day in silly things. Perhaps that's my way of recharging my brain. Or simply my own little rebellion against the passage of time. I'll waste a little just to prove I have lots of it left.

Or maybe my FreeCell addiction is just stronger than my need for time ;-)

Interesting article. What would you say is your most popular word?


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  1. Yes, I was surprised that the word turned out to be 'Time', As you rightly point out, we are obsessed with it!

    I believe that one of the most important things you can give to someone is your time. It saddens me when some people [like my in-laws] don't give of their time.

    My mother-in-law even leaves her coat on when she visits, even if I ask her to remove it. We're lucky if we get ten minutes of her time a couple of times a year, even though she lives a few minutes away.

    And if we visit her, she seems to spend her time away from us doing something or another.

    My own mother is the totally opposite, she doesn't have much money but gives of her time.

    It's a precious gift and sadly, these days, not many people give it.


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