Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back from Atlanta...

I'm back from the RWA conference in Atlanta, GA, which was beyond hot :-) Even with the A/C on, the humidity was incredible. But it's better than being in Wisconsin in the middle of winter -- which I have been and didn't enjoy (the weather, not the trip or the people :-).

It was a great time, with some great photos:

That's me and my best friend, critique partner, Janet Dean, who has on a huge smile because she just sold her first book to Steeple Hill!!!! It'll be out in early '08 and is a wonderful story that takes place during the time when the orphan train ran through our country. Very cool, very unique and very good :-)

Here's me and my editor:

And yes, I do still talk to Jenny even though she is impossibly beautiful :-) She's also very, very nice, and being from London, has that awesome accent that I wish I could mimic (though I don't think it would fly in the Midwest, LOL).

I'm off to sign books at the Indiana State Fair on Monday. I hope they put me in a separate pen from the piglets ;-)



  1. Hello Shirley,

    "Welcome Back Home" I wish I would have been at the RWA *Sighs* I would have love to meet you and the other author's. I hope to be going next yr :)

    WoW I love the picture's looks like you all had lots of fun. You are very pretty :) Thank You for sharing :)

    Have a wonderful time signing books at the Indiana State Fair. Keep up uodated ;) May you sell lots of signed books :)


  2. Hi Shirley. You look terrific in black lace - and not an empire line in sight.
    Excuse my dimness, but is the Jenny you are standing next to, Jenny Hutton, of HMB?
    Love your blog, best wishes

  3. Hi Ray-Anne,

    Yes, that is indeed, Jenny Hutton of HMB, my fabulous editor :-)

    Thanks, Linda, for the sweet comments! Dallas (which is where RWA is next year) isn't my favorite city to visit at the end of July ;-) but I hope to be there next year, too.

    I sold lots at the state fair, which was a lot of fun!


  4. shoot.. i wish i would have known you were here at the state fair. i would have come. guess i should have paid more attention to the activities... i just didn't want to be tempted by all that yummy food!

  5. No problem! I'll be there next year, so come on by!



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